Ihana Online Personal Training

Feeling sluggish? Want to get fitter and healthier? Looking for a lifestyle change?

Ihana Online Personal Training aims for a healthier body, better lifestyle and a happier you; no matter your fitness level or body type. Improving your lifestyle and achieving results that can be seen will be achieved through a combination of exercise, a healthy diet and rest.

Whether you wanted to lose some weight, get more muscle or just feel fitter, we can achieve your goals together! While respecting your personal wishes and goals I will design a realistic plan and program that will suit your lifestyle.

Dare to dream, live your dream. Start living your healthy life with us.

Ihana Online Personal Training starts with a free 30-minute consultation. After the consultation, we´ll create your personal package tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

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What are the benefits of Ihana Online Personal Training?

Online personal training is much more cost effective than paying for a personal trainer at the gym. I can help you reach your health and fitness goals in the convenience of your own home, gym or place of your choice. I will not only provide you with a training program, but regular advice, nutrition tips, motivation and the support to achieve your wellness goals.

Coaching will be done via Skype, WhatsApp and emails (in English or Finnish). From experience, it works effortlessly, and I´ve got some great results with my clients! Remote coaching is a flexible choice for your needs.

Feel fitter, healthier and happier, feel Ihana! 

// Your Coach Jonna

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