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How to unwind after a busy day?

What can you do right now to feel less stressed? Health is not just about how many times a week you exercise or what you eat. Even though, they are very important factors. Health is also about your mental state of mind and all these factors above are connected. We live busy lives, we’re ambitious and we’re constantly under pressure. It’s important to learn how to unwind and relax properly after a busy day of working or studying. Stress and anxiousness often build up and you might end up making harm for yourself and people around you. Learn to ease stress and anxiousness. Are you fully present in the moment? Stop and breathe. Life is here and now. What can you do right now to feel less stressed?

Ihana Wellness Pop-Up Salad Restaurant in Helsinki on Sunday

Hope you’ve had a wonderful August so far! Me and Mirka have reunited in Helsinki and we’ve been working on our new projects. As a part of Restaurant Day in Helsinki we’re organising Pop-up Salad Restaurant on Sunday. We’re very excited about it! More info on Ihana Wellness Facebook page. We’re passionate about healthy food and would love to share the love of nutritious food with you. We have created a menu that includes 2 salads. The salads are called New York and Tel Aviv. There’ll be plenty of goodness, such as sweet potato, kale, tempeh and hummus. The salads are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and 100% delicious so that they’re suitable for people with some dietary limitations, too.