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picture of kale buckwheat tofu salad

Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad Recipe

This is my simple Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad recipe. I had never cooked buckwheat before until a few months ago. I was keen to try as I had a chance to test some Urtekram products. They have a wide range of amazing organic products from food to body care: from dates to peanut butter, and from toothpaste to hair products. I´m a big fan of nutritious, simple and colourful salads – who wouldn’t be – so I’m always coming up with new recipes and here´s one of my buckwheat salad recipes. In these days, buckwheat is one of my pantry essentials, it’s great for both sweet and savoury baking and cooking! Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad Recipe Makes 4-7 serves 2 dl Urtekram buckwheat 200 g Tofu A big bunch of kale leaves ½ lemon 1 red onion 1 pomegranate 8-15 cherry tomatoes 1/3 whole cucumber 1/2 capsicum 2 tbsp olive oil Urtekram coconut oil Urtekram herb salt Black pepper A handful of Urtekram sunflower seeds How to make Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad: Cook buckwheat according to …

healthy banana pancakes recipe

Banana Chia Oat Pancakes Recipe

Can pancakes be healthy? Yes, they can! I´ve been meaning to make banana pancakes for ages. I got some inspiration a couple of weeks ago while I was in California, a lot of people seem to love pancakes over there! I wanted to treat myself one morning with these delicious pancakes to mix up my usual breakfast routines. They are super yummy, and it´s crazy that they are also pretty healthy!

Ihana olo alkaa vatsasta -verkkovalmennus starttaa 20.3.2017

Kärsitkö vatsan turvotuksesta? Tuntuuko sinusta, että osa ruoka-aineista aiheuttaa sinulle ilmavaivoja? Tunnetko usein olevasi ”tukossa”? Haluatko tuntea olosi kevyemmäksi? Vatsavaivat eivät kuulu arkeen! Tämä valmennus antaa sinulle hyvän ja Ihanan olon oikeanlaisen ravinnon, liikunnan, stressinhallinnan sekä vatsasi ja suolistosi hyvinvoinnin kautta. Valmennus starttaa 20.3.2017! Ilmoittaudu mukaan nyt!