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Inspiring Books for Personal Growth and Self Development

Do you need a little inspiration in your life? Do you like reading books? Our guest writer, Annika, has discovered some interesting books about personal growth that she can highly recommend to read!

Reading books can change your way of thinking

When I read what I like I choose almost always self-help, fact based or biography books. I can`t say reading is my hobby but at least it`s a daily habit for me before I go to sleep.

What I like the most in self-help books? I like to read success stories and find little things what I can utilize in my life just to find new ways of thinking, live in the moment, be a little happier and be a better person or just to get some time for my thoughts.

Self-help genre covers a lot of different styles of books. The books I present here are my favourites from the past year and not all of them are categorized as self-help books.

Books about personal growth, self development and becoming a better person give me thoughts for focusing and organizing my mind, finding my full potential and handling difficult situations in life. One of the biggest messages behind the books is that life is here and now, it`s time to live it!

inspiring personal growth and self development books ihana wellness

Inspiring Books about Personal Growth

The Book of YOU by Nelli Lähteenmäki etc.

This book is genius! Let`s take an example. People make New Year´s resolutions: “I`ll go to the gym 5 times a week”, “I`ll lose 10 kilograms” or “I`ll quit smoking” – sound familiar? Why is this book so genius? It consists of 365 small things to do – one for each day of a year. Starting from small steps, one day you`ll reach a big change. The book gives you a task like “Eat something green”, “Find a bench in a park and do 10 step-ups”, “Give a book for your friend” to do on that day. One of the writers is an inspiring start-up entrepreneur Nelli Lähteenmäki. There is also a YOU-app to be downloaded!

HYGGE – Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking

The book focuses on Danish way of living. Hygge is an adjective for feeling good. Candles, good food and company make people feel hygge. I liked this book a lot! Copenhagen is absolutely one of my favourite cities and this book summarises all the habits creating hygge you should take in count, too. Funny fact, consumption of candles in Denmark is almost double compared to the average number of use.

By the way, they say that “sisu” is the new hygge. Sisu a Finnish word which means bravery, stoic determination and resilience. Read more here: Goodbye hygge. Hello sisu: the new Scandi trends!

Hyvän elämän anatomia by Sara Karlsson & Pia Sievinen

I used to read Sara Karlsson`s blog on Lily (a blogging website) when she had it. Unfortunately, she only writes in Finnish. Her texts are almost poetry, I think. The book, “Anatomy of good life”, is all about thinking on a proper way, being good for yourself, finding the right path for your life and achieving your dreams. This is one of the books I return on regularly!

Luova järkevyys by Saku Tuominen

Saku Tuominen is one of my favourite writers. The book is in Finnish and it focuses on creativity in daily life. It sees creativity as an overvalued characteristic of people, which it is not. If you want to find understandable answer to the question what creativity is, go for this book. After reading it you`ll get “I can do anything” attitude and a lot of new energy!

The organized mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Daniel Levitin

This book is for all scientific books fans. The book goes deep into physics and to the structure of a human brain. After reading this book I found many explanations to daily life situations and reasons to the way people usually act.

Next, I have Kon Mari book on my list. I`m a bit over this Marie Kondo hype but still looking forward to read this before we are moving to a new apartment. Maybe we are going to have much lighter moving boxes this time!

 Enjoy reading!

// Annika Bernitz

 Annika is a 25-years old soon-to-graduate Master of Social Sciences, and working in business development and communications. She lives in Turku, Finland and loves her life there! She loves training cross-fit, long mornings and healthy breakfasts with a cup of good coffee. See Annika´s beautiful Instagram account: @annikabettina.

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