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My happily ever after – What does happiness mean to me?

Happiness, a state of mind that is on everyone’s To do-list. Happiness is a notion that is hard to define and often momentarily. By momentarily, I mean that feelings effect on how happy you feel.

Happiness is a state of mind, being happy is a feeling

These feelings can mainly be positive such as joy, fun, hope, peace, inspiration, enthusiasm, pride, thankfulness and love, or they can be negative such as envy, hate, fear, displeasure, jealousness and hopelessness. Being happy does not mean that you will never feel hatred, tiredness or fear. Those feelings belong to life like love and joy.

An essential point here is which feelings get hold on us. When our basic needs are secured, happiness is dependent more from the inside of us than from the outside. Luckily, this is a pretty lightning thought. Now we know, we can be the crucial effect that brings us happiness. Happiness is really our own way to think, occupate and believe.

Feeling happy has a direct effect on the welfare we experience. A happy person feels good, even though her life doesn´t look that special from the outside. Happiness and welfare are subjective experiences. In these days in developed countries most of us have a right to be happy and you can hear expression ”just be happy” to be said a lot. Here we can influence our own happiness, friends, partner, education and place to live. This, of course, is a progress. A hundred years ago women did not have these rights.

This is clearly a good thing. We are not in a cage anymore. Or are we? Is the cage just in a different form? Freedom can also bring you a chain. A problem reveals itself when happiness becomes something you must do. Am I choosing right? What brings me happiness? What if I waste my life? If I open this door, the other one closes. So it will, but does it matter?

Do we take too much pressure of being happy?

Has it become an inherent value? If we spend our whole life searching for happiness, there is a great chance that we will never find it. Happiness is a notion that is always two steps ahead. In this case, we may realise on our death bed that our life journey was after all more important than the destination. Recipe for happiness is simple. Happy person is a person who can daily do things that make her happy. So basically, do things that she loves.

”Happiness does not come from the things you possess. It comes from the thing you do every day.” Frank Martela

It is relevant to notice these things in your everyday life. When you open your senses to the moment, I promise, you will experience a happy feeling more often than if you walked through your life thinking about something unfortunate that happened yesterday or worrying about the future.

How to achieve more happiness in life? Wellness coaching by Ihana Wellness and Kauniin elämän koulu

Happiness is bound to things we value

Happiness is not bound to money. Money brings ease to life, material safety and is necessary for life in this modern world. Anyhow, money is still just a tool. Money is a matter of life values. What is important to me? Is it a big home? Maybe a new purse or 100 000 euros in the bank? What are the things I spend my time with? If material values are important, money can have a greater effect on your happiness. But it does not have to be that way.

A person who is poor in stranger´s eye can also be happy. If you have enough money to have “a normal life”, money does not increase your happiness. Feeling happy is dependent on the things you see and things you value.

There will always be things that we can not have. For the last few years I have not slept, because I have fed and comforted my children. Still, I would not change my life at any price. My ”problems” are relative. Maybe I don`t have money or a fancy job but instead I have a family. I am lucky to be a wife and a mother. Remember that you choose how you look at your own life. Do you see the things that you have or the things that you don´t have?

How to improve your happiness?

If you don’t feel happy, you can start by thinking what the reason in. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there something that is bothering you?
  • Does your life lack something important to you?
  • Do you feel like you don’t get enough from life?
  • Or do you already have everything but still something is wrong?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you can start working your way to happier life.

Happy person´s checklist:

  • Gets to do the things she loves
  • Gets to share her life with the people she loves
  • Gets to see the beauty of everyday life

Everyone of us deserves to be happy, in the real meaning of the word happy. Everyone deserves to feel happy. Sometimes we just need a little help from someone else to discover the true meaning of happiness. This is something we all should pay attention to, so that we could begin to understand that the journey is the main thing in life, not the destination.

What makes you happy? Leave a comment below.

// Love, Lotta Lahti – Mother of two and Wellness Coach at Kauniin elämän koulu

Kauniin elämän koulu by Lotta Lahti brings life coaching and personal development services to Ihana Wellness coaching team. Lotta is an occupational therapist and a regular guest writer to Ihana Wellness blog. Ihana Wellness and Kauniin elämän koulu will bring you more loveliness to your life through our coaching programs in the future! Download our healthy breakfast recipe eBook and subcribe our newsletter to get our recipes and to be the first one to hear about our news! Feel Ihana! #feelihana

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