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New Year’s resolutions to give this year

Year 2016 was just the beginning of Ihana Wellness and next year will be much bigger, better, more exciting, fun, delightful and more Ihana! We’re looking forward for 2017 and the new challenges that it offers! We’re working on new coaching practices on wellness, nutrition and exercise and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to!

Here are some New Year’s resolutions to give this year

  1. Not a single short-term diet in 2017. We don’t recommend New Year’s resolutions of dieting and getting in shape fast. Forget all the “now I’ll get in shape in two months” promises. That will simply not work. Short term diets might work for quick weight-loss but unfortunately they are linked to gaining that weight back in the future. Give time for the changes. Don’t push yourself too much; good things take time. Make lifestyle changes habit by habit, not all at once. Start for example by adding a source of protein and more veggies on your plate every morning or by adding one extra hour of jogging to your weekly calendar. Practice that one habit and then add another one. This way you will commit, practice and learn those new habits and over the time you will make it in changing your lifestyle to healthy, fit and happy.
  2. Sleep and rest more. Usually our New Year’s resolutions have something to do with eating or exercise when you want to live a healthier life. The big key areas are also sleeping and resting. These are really the basic things to fix first: turn off the lights in your house early, go to bed early, read a book, sleep one or a couple of more hours in the morning and just chill in the late evening. It’s not worth it to go the gym four times a week if you’re not giving your body the time to rest, recover and get stronger.
  3. Take more time for yourself and your hobbies. Although it’s important to spend time together with your friends and family, and you even might feel that it’s your comfort zone to be with them, it’s important to spend time alone just by yourself. Make time in your calendar just for you: one hour per week (or more) for your own hobby, yoga class or painting, whatever it is you choose, and stick to it. Make the time every week. This way if you put it your family calendar others will also see it and respect your time.
  4. Forget the past. If you didn’t succeed in something in 2016, it’s time to let go. Forgive and forget. Clear your desk and start again with fresh thoughts. It’s time to move forward. Healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.

Let’s make 2017 the healthiest year so far! Adventures await! <3

Happy New Year 2017!

// Love, your wellness coach Mirka xx

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