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Ihana Raw Balls Recipe

raw protein balls healthy cacao oats seeds nuts dates carob

Oopsy, I made something sweet and yummy again. This is truly delicious, I promise, and healthy, too. Well… Assuming that you don’t eat them all at once (which is possible once you taste them).

Enjoy as they are, as a dessert, as a late night snack or at a party with your loved ones… Or with your morning smoothie bowl or porridge. ;)

Ingredients for the protein packed raw balls

½ cup (1 dl) cashew nuts

¼  cup (½ dl) sunflower seeds

¼  cup (½ dl) pumpkin seeds

¼  cup (½ dl) grinded flax seeds

½ cup (1 dl) rolled oats

¼  cup (½ dl) cacao nibs

2 tbsp carob powder

¼  cup (½ dl) shredded coconut for rolling

400 g dates

healthy raw protein balls recipe cacao oats seeds nuts dates carob

How easy it is to make these delicious protein raw balls

  1. Mix and mash nuts & seeds in a blender.
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients with nuts & seeds in a bowl. Leave some on the side for decoration.
  3. Remove stones from dates by hand.
  4. Mix dates and dry ingredients by hand. Roll them in to small balls.
  5. Roll the balls in coconut and/or dry ingredient mix. It’s nice to use two different colors (white coconut and brown nuts & seeds mix) to make it pretty. :)

raw food protein balls healthy no added refined sugar lactose-free dairy-free gluten-free cacao oats seeds nuts dates carob

how to make raw protein balls recipe delicious healthy cacao oats seeds nuts dates carob

// Love, your wellness coach Mirka


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