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Best Easter Raw Chocolate Recipes

ihana wellness healthy raw chocolate recipe and flowers for easter celebration

It’s Easter time! Which typically means celebration, food and chocolate, of course. We are never going to say no to chocolate, right? But we at Ihana Wellness are encouraging you to cut down refined sugar, and regular chocolate that is not healthiest option for you. Instead, we hope you try raw chocolate which is much healthier and even better in taste.

I also wanted to introduce some of my favorite food blogs and health pages, so I’ve collected the best Easter raw chocolate recipes from other bloggers, and I hope you enjoy them. :)

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring. You can still enjoy the best tastes if you prepare your food yourself and know what’s in it.

Healthy Raw Chocolate

Have you had homemade raw chocolate before? Raw chocolate is typically made of cacao (nibs, powder), coconut oil or cream, cacao butter and some spices, nuts or berries to your taste.

When you are preparing and melting the chocolate, make sure you are not heating it over 42 Celsius degrees, to keep it “raw food” and all the healthy nutrients are not destroyed (like in conventional chocolate).

Before getting started with cooking you can read more about the health benefits of raw chocolate.

Best Easter Raw Chocolate Recipes

Starting from the most simple recipes first:

  1. Very simple instructions recipe for Raw Chocolate with suggestions for taste combinations – Food Matters
  2. Simple 3 Ingredient Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe – Mind Body Green
  3. Cute and Tasty Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe – To Her Core
  4. Easy step-by-step Recipe for Raw Chocolate – Precision Nutrition
  5. Raspberry & Coconut flakes / Fig, Vanilla, Cardamom & Cinnamon / Salted Caramel (Dates) Raw Chocolate – Green Press
  6. Cashew Butter Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe – Deliciously Ella
  7. Six ways for Raw Chocolate Recipes – Nutrition Stripped

But keep in mind that even though real raw chocolate is a healthy superfood due to its nutrients, it still contains high level of calories and energy, so you might not want to make it your dinner during Easter. ;)

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// Love, your wellness coach Mirka



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