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11 Tips For More Inspiring & Ihana Lifestyle

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If you feel like you are stuck in your life and following the same routine every day, here are a few thoughts about how you can immediately make some small but effective improvements in your life.

I don’t enjoy a lifestyle of planning everything ahead and knowing what’s going to happen, and that’s why I enjoy my life so much, I guess. That’s also why I try to encourage other people to just go with the flow, enjoy the ride and for example book a plane ticket for a coming weekend. Try these tips and please comment on this post if you did and what you experienced. :)

Beautiful Beach in Finland Ihana Wellness Improved Happy Lifestyle

  1. Take another route. Leaving from work and driving that same route every day? Today, go the other way, enjoy the ride and possibly end up seeing some cool new places. And don’t just drive by, stop your car and discover those places and you might be surprised. Try a different route every day for a week.
  2. Give. And give away for free. Donate money or even better, share your lunch box with a stranger you just met at a park and learn about his or her lifestyle. Sharing something your own sends a strong message of consideration and it’s a great way to start a conversation.
  3. Open your mind for learning and listening. There’s something so intriguing about not talking. Listen and observe what other people are saying and how they are behaving. You might learn something new about yourself that way or get inspired.
  4. Travel. Alone, with a friend or with a family. In any case, you will be facing new situations and learn new things about yourself (as well as your friends). How about a short trip to Paris for a weekend on your own?
  5. Spend more time with your friends. Meet for a coffee, face to face, no phones, just talking and laughing. “I have a lot of laundry to do” is not a good enough excuse to not make time for catching up with friends.
  6. Spend more time alone. This is the most rewarding for me. Imagine it, no one around annoying you. =D
  7. Do something you have never done before. I know you have that bucket list waiting for the right time when you’re ready to start following your dreams. Since you are too busy right now and every other excuse… just do the first thing from that list today. There will never be a better time.
  8. Inspire others. Sharing your thoughts and seeing that others really get inspired by that also inspires yourself. If you did cross one thing from your bucket list, you might also want to share that with a friend. Tell them or ask then to join you with new experiences.
  9. Take time off from social media, phone and e-mails. When was the last time you actually turned off your phone? Or spend an entire day without Facebook? You could also leave your work phone at your work for a weekend every now and then to give a real mental break. Just remember to inform people (friends and boss…) that you will be totally unavailable so that no one will get worried about you. Go for a walk and really become aware of what’s happening around you.
  10. Do what you really enjoy, not what you think you should be enjoying. If you enjoy Netflix, why not do it a bit more often? Admit it, it’s OK to just chill every once in a while. Being totally lazy is another story. But you don’t have to convince yourself that you still love doing what you enjoyed doing some time ago or what your friends are enjoying.
  11. Learn to say No. You really don’t have to do things for everyone else. You are permitted to say that you are busy, you are going jogging or what ever just for yourself instead of running other peoples errands. Make some time in your calendar just for yourself.

// Love, your wellness coach Mirka

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