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Why Are Friendships Important For Your Wellbeing?

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In Finland Valentine’s Day is about celebrating friendships and I personally wouldn’t survive without my friends.

Sometimes people let their friendships fade away when they start dating a new guy or are too busy with their work. Of course we all have those moments at some point when you feel like you don’t have the time to see all your friends.

Here are some tips how you can keep in touch with the most important people in your life more easily when you have difficulties to find the time to see your friends regularly.

How To Maintain Friendships

Here are a few easy tips to keep in touch with your friends. They don’t even take too much time.

  1. Start a hobby together – I’ve recently started a new hobby with one of my friends. We live just a few blocks away from each other but still it’s sometimes hard to find time to see each other. Now we attend an art class once a week together so we can regularly see each other regardless of our busy schedules.
  2. Remember birthdays – Nothing’s worse than forgetting birthdays and it’s also a very good reason to call a friend who you haven’t seen in a while.
  3. Show up – A date without a date? It’s humiliating. Use a calendar and don’t forget the meetings. Go to the weddings and lunch meetings. It’s that simple. And it’s also very easy to ruin a relationship with not showing up.
  4. Tell them – Whenever you think about your friends, tell them. It feels really good to get a text: “This made me think of you today…” or “Guess what, you were in my dreams last night.” or “You are lovely, you are Ihana.”.

Why Are Friendships Important For Your Wellness?

I need someone who makes me laugh, someone who listens to me, someone to go shopping with and some guy friends to spend time with when the girl talk and gossip is just too much to take in. :)

We have a saying in Finland “Jaettu ilo on paras ilo.” meaning that “Shared joy is the best joy.” which is really true. You know the feeling when something fun happens and there’s no-one around seeing it? It’s just not that funny. And you have to immediately call your friend to tell what happened. What if you didn’t have anyone to call to?

Loneliness is present, common and that’s why relationships plays a major role in person’s wellness and happiness. So even when you’re in a hurry, busy with work and exercise schedules, keep in touch with your friends and valentines. You can even share this post for them to remind how important those relationships and friendships are for you. <3

Enjoy Valentine’s Day! If you’re still trying to figure out what to do here’s some healthy options for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

// Love, your wellness coach Mirka

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