What is Ihana Wellness?
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What is Ihana Wellness?

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Ihana is a Finnish word meaning lovely, adorable, enjoyable, lovesome, nice, pleasant, stunning, sweet and delightful. Ihana Wellness is a new wellness media focusing on active and healthy lifestyle full of happiness. We share information about healthy choices, nutritious food & recipes, exercising, enjoying life as well as lifestyles in Finland and Australia. Subscribe our free health tips and latest recipes to your e-mail and we’ll tell you how you can live Ihana Life, too. :)

We hope to inspire you to live a better life and enjoy it to the fullest. We share motivational and inspirational tips on Facebook and Instagram, and write about our own experiences. Life shouldn’t only be about counting calories or short-term diets. We focus on healthy & nutritious food, exercising and balanced & happy mind. We provide you inspiration and motivation for active lifestyle, exercise and healthy recipes.

Start living your healthy life today with us.

Join our lifestyle for ideas on inspirational and healthy lifestyle on Instagram: @IhanaWellness and Facebook: Ihana Wellness.

// Love, your wellness coaches Mirka & Jonna


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